Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Two Most Interesting Days by Far

So last night, about 45 minutes after I posted the previous blog, the lights (or current) went out all over Belize. All the houses, restaurants and stores were out besides one grocery store. The power was out nation wide for four hours; it was crazy. Lauren, Raul and I decided to walk around the square, where everyone was locating. People had candles out to see and some of the restaurants were serving certain types of food by candle light; we were walking by the bright light of the moon. Finally the lights, Internet etc. came on around 8:30 p.m. We then headed down town after hanging in the park, which reminds me of my high school days, to Hannah's, a local restaurant. There we met up with another Galen University student we met on the trip and hung out for the rest of the night. Lauren and Raul were cracking me up. Between the two of them, I have never laughed so hard in my entire life, calling each other Timon and Pumba etc. After hours of fun and adventure in the dark, the night finally ended.

This morning, Lauren and I got up a little earlier in order to eat breakfast at The New French Bakery. There we get our morning coffee and chocolate croissants. We had a long conversation how if we lived in the states, we would never be able to enjoy a breakfast before work; it was nice and relaxing. Today at school was the same old same old-nothing really exciting happened. After school, Raul came and picked Lauren and I up by meeting us at the bus stop to head to his hometown. His hometown is a 25 minute bus ride to Ontario. On the way there the bus passes through one security check mark. Usually the buses are never stopped but ours was. The soldiers came on the bus with their guns, knives and machetes and asked everyone to get off and form a single line. They searched the entire bus and found a bag on it that no one brought out with them. They were asking people if it was their bag, looking at IDs and going through everyones bags. It was strange because they never came up to us though. I was nervous because I was thinking they would ask for my passport which thankfully they did not because I did not bring it with me. They finally found the couple who the bag belonged to. Inside the bag was drugs. They arrested the couple; the bag belonged to the guy. The girl climbed up in the back of the pick up trunk but the soldiers picked the guy up and threw him in. I was surprised by some of the actions they took. Finally we made it to Ontario, there we walked around the village, looked at the stars, talked, and ate dinner at Raul's mom's restaurant. It was very very good. After that we headed back to San Ignacio by ourselves. It was a nice trip back with few people on the bus. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as interesting.

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