Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Beginning to a Hot Week

Monday had to come, which meant that another hot work week began. Lauren and I love the school we are at as well as our students and teachers, but since Belize is still new to us, there are so many things we want to do in the little time that is left.

Yesterday during school went well though. I was able to teach my small group of students and help them with their math skills; which I always enjoy doing. For the first time, two minor fights broke out in my class and I was in the class by myself for both of them; go figure. It was easily stopped and resolved though. Those were the exciting parts of yesterday during school. Last night, I hung out with one of the new friends I made on the Dangriga trip. We had a great time talking and just walking around the town. After he went back to his village, Lauren and I hit the restaurants in order to find some food. We ran into two of our friends in the main area and all sat down to eat; one actually made our food at the place we ate at, it was very good. After a long day, we headed home to Skype and get ready for today.

Today was not that interesting either. We went to school and did the usual. During our lunch break though, my teacher bought me a juice from one of the guys who sells it out of his trunk every day at break time. The juice came from the sour...... fruit, I can not remember the name. At first I was apprehensive to try it because it is the milk of the fruit, so it looked thick and creamy. I thought it was going to be sour, but it was the complete opposite. It was very good! After that I headed home to eat lunch to find out that Lauren and I locked ourselves out of the house. Luckily we were able to get a hold of Dr. Harrison who thankfully left a spare key with her mom; she new us two snowflakes would lose things. After lunch we headed back to school. The afternoons always get so hot here and its hard to concentrate when your belly is full. When school let out, Diane, a really good friend we have made and she is a mom to one of Lauren's students, took us to the Ministry in order to obtain the checklist of materials we need to apply for a job here in Belize. After that we headed home and there was a package that was waiting for us from Lauren's mom. We opened the package to find the American food we miss here in Belize: oreos, cheez-its, milk, cookies, crackers, peanut butter, jelly, nutrigrain bars etc. We felt like we had just won the lottery. Now we are finalizing our trip to Placencia this weekend. We are going with Diane, her girls and her husband. We have rented two cabanas and cannot wait for the weekend to get here. Tonight we will hit the town with our recently made friend and start our souvenir shopping.

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